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Sex Health Benefits
Sex Health Benefits

Sex Health Benefits

Sex Health Benefits

– 1% of the population is missing out on amazing health benefits. They aren’t smokers that don’t quit, drinkers that continue to drink or people that refuse to exercise. This 1% of people is not reaping the mental and physical benefits of coitus because they are asexual. For everyone else that enjoys the bone-age, I would happily like to inform you that not only does it feel good but it is great for your body too!

Get high off of sex

Sex releases a great cocktail of feel good hormones, some of which also work as painkillers and mood enhancers. As a non-medical doctor of nothing, I would recommend that if you have back aches, headaches or knee problems to go ahead and do the nasty as a remedy. Also, you might want to take an actual doctor’s advice at some point.

Stress Reliever

No, I am not Captain Obvious, I’m his side-kick Explicit-man. The combination of intimacy, increased heart-rate and the release of feel-good hormones all contribute to a happier life. And here’s the caveat, a happier life means a less stressed life. So even when you’re not tinkling your winkles (I just made that up, I’m pretty proud of myself) you will still bask in the after-effects.

Sex Health Benefits – Healthy Heart

Because it moderates testosterone and estrogen levels sex can actually help protect against heart disease. I’m going to assume that most of my readers aren’t medical students so let me explain. Lower levels of either of those hormones put you at higher risk for heart attack, for both men and women. So have more sex, it’s good for your ticker. I said ‘ticker’ relax you prude! If you are the manipulative type you can even use it next time you’re turned down for sex, just say: ‘do you want me to have a heart attack?’

The more you get, the more you want it

Yup, having more sex will transform you into a sexual werewolf under a full moon of intercourse…OK, bad metaphor, but in actuality the more sex you have, the more that wolf will want (ok sorry that’s the last time I used it).

Look Younger

I know, I know this article Sex Health Benefits is starting to sound like the pitch for a miracle cure-all, but it’s not my fault, this is stuff backed by scientific data and research. Very, very awkward research. A study taking place at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital showed that people that did the deed around four times a week actually looked between 8-12 years younger. This is because testosterone and estrogen help keep things tight and where they’re supposed to be one your body and they are released during the humpty dumpty. ‘You’re looking a bit tired you want to have some sex to perk you up?’ probably won’t get you looking any younger though.

Boosts your immune system better than Orange Juice!

Doing the Bed Ballet can keep you out of bed. A study done in Pennsylvania at Wilkes University showed that people that engaged regularly in relations of the sexy type had higher levels of an antibody that protected against common colds. So to avoid being a sneezy, snotty mess, you need to become a hot and bothered mess. Also again avoid using this: ‘Do you want me to get sick?’ because they will probably assume that you already are.

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