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Sensitive Teeth Remedies

Sensitive Teeth Remedies
Wow, ever since I began on this new routine which I’m about to share, my sensitive teeth has seriously gotten much better. I can eat sweeter things like juice and dried fruits with little problems whereas in the past, it took one night before I felt it in the morning.

Get this Toothpaste-I have seriously never loved a toothpaste as much as this one, I bought it at a Health Store a couple of weeks ago and I now spend twice as long brushing my teeth just to let all this good stuff sink in my mouth! It smells fantastic and I have literally felt my teeth improve since I’ve used it! I love this so much. If you can’t find it, then I even recommend getting it online!

Swish with Green Tea-Do you have a cup of green tea? I totally recommend you to swish your mouth with it before you swallow, particularly after you’ve eaten something sweet. I’ve read articles about green tea having antibacterial properties and that people who drink green tea has less dental problems, and that had me thinking: Why not actually use it like a mouthwash and swish it? It would probably reach more areas that way, and then you can just drink it instead of spitting it out!

Use Dental Floss Picks-For some reason, dental floss picks work better for me than floss, I guess it just gets in the areas easier. You really only need one of them each day to do your entire mouth. I totally recommend flossing because it does get rid of a lot of little things stuck in between your teeth that can do a lot of harm, that you literally can’t brush out.

Oil Pulling-I recently learned about this ancient Ayurvedic method of rejuvenation. That is, you use a high quality, unrefined oil to swish in your mouth in replacement of a regular mouthwash (which believe it or not, includes sucralose, a sweetener!) Try using coconut oil, extra virgin sesame oil, olive oil and so on. See which works for you best! Coconut oil has a lot of healing benefits, along with the ability to destroy bacteria in your mouth!

Soft Bristle Toothbrush-Did you know toothbrush with hard bristles or that hard brushing can actually wear off your enamel, which is the protector of your teeth? In a way, brushing can even be a big cause of sensitive teeth! My recommendation is get a toothbrush with soft bristles, or ones specially meant for sensitive teeth. You will find that soft toothbrush feels better on your teeth!

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