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How to Prevent Diabetes
How to Prevent Diabetes

Prevent Diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition whose seriousness is measured by its potential health consequences. Its long-term effects include heart and kidney disease and vision disorders. If you suffer from diabetes, here are eight tips to follow that can help reduce the possibility of such complications. Lats see How to Prevent Diabetes.

Prevent Diabetes: 1

One of the most important elements in controlling diabetes, particularly the type 2 variety, is having a healthy diet. A restricted diet will help maintain a proper balance of insulin and sugar in the blood system. Carbohydrates may be consumed, but only in the right form. Your diet should be rich in whole grains, beans, nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Prevent Diabetes: 2

The issues of health and weight are closely related. Maintaining a proper weight will help your body utilize sugar, which is the source of trouble for diabetics. Weight loss is also important when it comes to controlling blood pressure. You need to reduce your caloric intake to the amount your body needs to function properly.

Prevent Diabetes: 3

Exercise is important for everyone, especially for those with diabetes. Though it need not be strenuous, about 30 minutes of physical activity every day will help you maintain your weight and will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Exercise may even enable you to reduce your diabetes medication and thus help you to deal with your condition in a more natural manner.

Prevent Diabetes: 4

Bad habits can aggravate diabetes, so you should consider indulging in them moderately or giving them up altogether. The excessive consumption of alcohol can adversely affect blood sugar levels. Smoking also increases the risk of diabetes complications by the way it affects blood pressure and reduces circulation in your legs and feet. Sufficient rest is important to diabetics because sleep affects the human metabolism.

Prevent Diabetes: 5

A lack of sleep can increase your body’s desire for foods that are high in carbohydrates, which in turn can disrupt its blood sugar level. Eight hours of sleep every night is a peaceful way for diabetics to stay healthy.

Prevent Diabetes: 6

Stress can adversely affect the amount of sugar in the blood. If you suffer from diabetes, you need to rid yourself of as much stress as is possible. Meditation, yoga and certain breathing exercises can relax the mind and body, helping it to function properly.

Prevent Diabetes: 7

Since the condition can aggravate the healing process, diabetics need to treat and monitor injuries they suffer. Even simple cuts need to be properly cleaned, treated with an antibiotic agent and properly bandaged. Wounds that do not appear to heal should be given professional medical attention.

Prevent Diabetes: 8

Diabetics should see their doctors at least four times a year, more if they rely upon insulin. Examinations should include the monitoring of blood pressure and of glucose and cholesterol levels. In the end, prevention is the key to staving off diabetes complications.

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