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Improve Self Esteem
Improve Self Esteem

Improve your Self Esteem

Improve Self Esteem – Stay Healthy = Look Good!

Humans have a natural eye for beauty because the concept of “beauty” represents health. Our minds are smart in that way it can tell when something is risky of disease. That’s why the idea of eating while you’re doing a dump is completely unimaginable and would probably make you sick. Often, our minds will see beauty because in reality, this person is “healthy”. Why is it that we get turned off by acne? That’s a representation of disease. Why do I feel that oily and greasy hair make me look ugly? Again, that has to do with being dirty and diseased. Why is it that we prefer a perfect weight that’s relatively thin, rather than obesity? Because that represents good health while obesity can often relate to diseases.

Knowing that our mind prefer beauty because of our desire to be healthy, we can improve our health and look good!

Notice how often, you think you look terrible but after you fix up your acne and wash your hair, you suddenly become a lot prettier? Notice that being in perfect weight range really brings out the good look in you? All of that is because your mind knows this is the healthiest. That’s also why you can automatically feel that something is horribly wrong when someone is severely underweight.

If you truly want to look good, I feel that instead of directly trying to put makeup on, try and become healthy. Often, our health relates directly to what we eat and how much we exercise. A lot of it is in our control, it’s just whether we’re willing or not. Of course, that doesn’t mean makeup is bad or wrong, and it’s fun to put it on. However, I really think when beauty comes from inside, it glows!

Develop a Sense of Humour

Often, having humour would lighten things up and make you feel confident, because you’re making people laugh. Now, to get a sense of humour isn’t easy, particularly if you have no idea what makes things funny. Let me tell you that we find things funny when it’s a good thing that’s unexpected, like a good surprise. For example, the idea of a hippopotamus being like a peanut shaped elephant sounds hilarious because we probably haven’t thought about it that way before.

Don’t make it easy for others to Be Nasty

Sometimes, you may be in a situation that’s way too easy to let others insult you.

Some of the major reasons why people will insult you: They fear difference and you may be different to them, as in your interests, race, personality and such. People naturally fear what they don’t know! One of the classic examples is when a group of kids pick on one particular person because he/she is different. Perhaps they like different shows, or react differently to situation. When this happens, let me advise you, DO NOT SHOW THAT YOU ARE DIFFERENT in front of these people!

Another reason why people may be insulting is jealousy. Perhaps you have what you want and that person is jealous of you, and it may not even be your fault, but remember we’ve probably all been jealous about things that we know isn’t the other’s fault. Jealousy is our fear of loss, so in a way – what we’re truly feeling is: We’re jealous the other person has this, and we don’t.

Third reason why people may be insulting is over diseases or what looks like diseases. I’ve seen absolutely horrendous and rude comments made towards people on YouTube, particularly about weight. I admire those who let that make them stronger, but it’s very detrimental for many of us. We should not have to put up with people like this. We have a choice to filter out words on our websites, or disable comments on YouTube and I don’t see any problems with using them. You may think that by doing so, people may look down on you or assume you’re weak and can’t handle a little difference in opinions, but these aren’t “different opinions”, it’s merely people’s uneducated and selfish behavior and nobody should ever have be told things like that. Plus, don’t forget that it’s your channel or website. Nobody can truly tell you how to run it, so go by what you’re comfortable with!

Be aware of Scams and Deceptive People

Unfortunately, the world can be full of scams, deceptions and people whoa re trying to take advantage of us, and if we get tricked, it can easily make us lose confidence in ourselves. We need to always look for signs of deception. Usually, it has to do with money. If you’ve met someone you dated Online for a while and he asks you for money because he’s stuck in a deserted island, or some random dude rings you up telling you that your computer has a virus and needs to be fixed with money, don’t trust them. If anyone is asking you for money or time, do not do it unless you have 100% solid proof that it’s real.

If someone says you can work for them, do not do it until you set up some kind of payment or that you’ve both agreed this is for free. Many people can take advantage of your time but not pay you.

The golden rule for detecting scams: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. From personal experience, there really isn’t a “quick and overnight” way to achieve something.

Ask for Explanations

If you’ve been through something that has taught you to believe that you’ve got no self worth, what you truly need is a person that’s not in your family (because in your heart, you will believe that any family member will say nice things regardless because they are being nice) to explain to you WHY you are very worthy. It’s not a selfish thing to ask, and it helps you actually see the reason. For example, if you were put down as a child, you may always believe the things you were told. Often, these feelings are so deep rooted that it’s difficult to forget. However, the one thing that can truly get rid of it is having an explanation that MAKES SENSE! For example, you may feel weak because you easily get upset when other people put down people or shows you care about, but that’s not a weakness but that you care!

Try and Improve Yourself

One really effective way to overcome that “embarrassment feeling” of feeling inadequate compared to others is to improve yourself. Whether you’re writing, taking photos, making speeches, researching, programming, creating designs or making videos, there are many ways to improve yourself.

As much as we hate repetition, but doing something again and again does help us become better. Notice how much you hate losing a piece of writing you spent a long time working on? But for many people who did lose it and was forced to redo it, the second one ended up being better. Also, if you’ve ever played a game before, you’ll notice how each time you practice a part, you seem to internalize it and doing that feels so easy. The more we do it, the better we become!

Do some self taught studies about it! You don’t have to take a class, but there are many tutorials, lessons and guides on how to improve a skill that can be readily found at the sight of a click.

Another good method is going over what we’ve done and checking to see how we can improve it because often, we do things hastily the first time, and checking it really gives us a chance to

if you’re Unsure, do a Search

There’s nothing more embarrassing than saying or doing something that’s incorrect. For example, you may be so sure that “turd” means grass, but for some reason, it actually means poop. Well, let’s say if you were having a meeting with your high up bosses and you say, “let’s spray people’s lawn with turd”. Well, that would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it? (Or funny!)

My point is, you may not always be right in what you know, so if you’re unsure, do a search on Google.

If you’re writing about something you don’t feel sure about, then do some research and write in a way that tells your audience that you’re not sure, so people don’t blame you for telling an untruth.

There is of course nothing wrong with making mistakes and we can learn so much from it, but it matters where and how. Making a mistake in front of people is often embarrassing an can risk taking away your self esteem, so just be careful and

Improve Self Esteem.

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